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Our Abby Medical Center location offers full vascular laboratory services including…

Diagnostic Testing
Ankle-Brachial Index
Arterial Duplex
Bypass Duplex

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Our Abby Medical Center location offers full vascular laboratory services including, Ankle-Brachial Index Arterial Duplex and Bypass Duplex as well as other Ultrasound techniques and Dialysis Access. Please click on the Diagnostic Testing page above for a full list of our laboratory services.

Our practice has a long tradition of excellence in the treatment of vascular diseases and provides comprehensive vascular care by using contemporary medical and minimally invasive surgical therapies.

A full array of services are utilized to treat an increasing percentage of patients with vascular disease, ranging from medical management of vascular disease to minimally invasive endovascular approaches or, if necessary, open surgical reconstruction.

Our goal is to provide accurate diagnosis and prompt evidence based therapy for patients with vascular disease through patient care, research, and education.

Please click on the Patient Education page above for further information about the services we provide.

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Our staff is committed to your care and understands the key relationship between patient and healthcare provider. We place a high value on informed decision making and providing you with the resources and understanding to move forward with your vascular health.

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